Mask Safety

All team members wear protective masks at all times, and we ask that you do the same when not seated to ensure everyone’s safety.

Hand Safety

All team members wear gloves, regularly use hand sanitizer, and frequently wash their hands with soap & water.

Hand Safety

We are adhering to CDC cleanliness guidelines and Hilton’s CleanStay Program to ensure the constant disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces.

Daily Health

Daily health screenings & temperature checks are conducted on all team members. All guests will have their temperature checked upon arrival using no-touch infrared technology.

Social Distancing

All tables are placed at least 6 feet apart and separated with plexiglass dividers to maintain proper social distancing.

Hand Safety

You have the option of viewing our menus on your phone by conveniently scanning a QR code, if you prefer not to use our disposable menu copies.